16th & 17th September 2017

Over the past four years we have raised a fantastic £225,000 for local causes!


Please support us this year as we aim to raise as much money as possible for the following three charities:

Racing Welfare’s Newmarket Housing Project

Racing Welfare are working to provide additional higher quality and supervised accommodation to support young people at the start of their careers within the horsearcing industry. A designated fund has been set up in order to raise money for a Newmarket Housing Project.

Both of the training providers for the racing industry report a reluctance to place young people in Newmarket at the start of their careers. This is due to concerns that there is very little provision of suitable housing for young people leaving the NRC (Northern Racing College) or BRS (British Racing School).

Currently vulnerable young people in the area have been seen to be living in overcrowded and poorly maintained accommodation.   These multiple occupational homes can cause exposure of their younger inhabitants to inappropriate behaviour, including drug and alcohol abuse. Private rented accommodation is also very expensive and out of reach to young people. Deposits are high and a number of private landlords will not accept applications from racing staff. By law 16 – 18 years cannot hold a tenancy in their own right and this precludes them from a lot of the other available housing options.

We believe that, wherever possible, young persons should have some level of support, in a safe and secure environment, to enable them to make the transition from dependence to independence.

A designated fund has been set up in order to raise money for a Newmarket housing Project and £28,554 was donated to this fund from the proceeds of the 2016 Newmarket Open Weekend.

80% of all monies raised over the weekend will go to Racing Welfare’s Newmarket Housing Project

Newmarket Day Centre – Providing food, fun and friendship for older people in the community

Last year, the Newmarket Day Centre needed funds to help them build a walk in shower for the elderly and, with the funds raised, they have completed the project and also managed to fully refurbish the bathroom. The Day Centre are now focusing on updating the front of the building, existing conservatory and replacing their windows throughout the building to enable them to save energy bills.

Newmarket Day Centre is a successful independent community resource working with retired and frail older people to enable them to have and enjoy a better ‘Quality of Life’.  The venue boasts a ‘drop-in’ cafeteria service, comprehensive day care provision, hairdressing salon, licensed bar, hand & nail care salon, chiropody room, fully equipped specialised bath and shower room and operates a comprehensive and varied entertainment and activity programme.

10% of all monies raised over the weekend will go to the Newmarket Day Centre.

The Social Mobility Fund – Newmarket Academy

This year the Newmarket Open Weekend will be raising funds for Newmarket Academy’s Social Mobility Fund. 30% of the students at the Academy face real challenges growing up with family poverty. As a school, Newmarket Academy is meeting their educational needs but the students often miss out on other educational opportunities which could raise their ambition and aspiration, and thus help to address the national issue of social mobility. The school’s Social Mobility fund will provide funding to enable these students to take part. We hope you will agree that supporting this very important group in our society and our community is to all our and their benefits.

10% of all monies raised over the weekend will go to the Newmarket Academy



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